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Qxt's Modules

Qxt consists of several modules, each of which lives in a separate library:

QxtBerkeleyThe QxtBerkeley module provides a Qt interface to the Berkeley DB.
QxtCoreThe QxtCore module extends QtCore and contains core non-GUI functionality.
QxtGuiThe QxtGui module extends QxtCore and QtGui.
QxtNetworkThe QxtNetwork module extends QtNetwork with RPC functionality.
QxtSqlThe QxtSql module extends QtSql with serializable queries.
QxtWebThe QxtWeb module provides tools for creating web services using Qt.
QxtZeroconfQxt QxtZeroconf module implements configure free service discovery

To use one of these modules, add them to the QXT variable in your qmake project (.pro) file. For example:

    CONFIG += qxt
    QXT += network

The QxtCore and QxtGui modules are included by default. To link only against QxtCore, do this:

    QXT = core

See also Qxt's Classes, Qxt's Namespaces, and Qxt's Functions.

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